The Riding School

At Carmen’s Riding School, it’s all about being outdoors.

The horses and ponies live together in a group inside a yard and have access to an open fronted shed as well as sanded areas, where they can lie down, roll and play. They generally have daily access to the sand ring as well, where they enjoy to go for a good run. 

During the summer, the herd also has access to fields. The horses are usually in the yard during the day and they can go out into the field when they are finished working.

They are never confined in a small space or lonely, which keeps the horses content and healthy.

There is a selection of other animals to be found at the riding school as well: Goats, chickens, cats and dogs. They mostly live in harmony with the equines. Besides the domesticated animals, you will find a selection of wild birds hanging around the riding school. 


Rooks, jackdaws, hooded crows, magpies and occasionally a raven or two. Lots of chaffinches, doves, tits and starlings as well as some meadow pipits, pied wagtails and stonechats and of course a robin. 

Sometimes you might be lucky and see a heron or a pheasant. 


The outdoor sand ring, which is roughly 20m x 40m, is filled with crushed glass. That keeps the surface soft and allows the water to drain away.